Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 26, 2008

Thomas Shaw

My due date came and passed.  I wrote another letter to my baby.  I put flowers by his memorial angel.  Since I am one of those women who likes jewelry but in fact never actually wears it, I ordered a keyring with stones to represent his conception, due and loss months.  It’s actually my Mother’s Day gift to myself.  How sad is that?

And I named him.  I felt in my heart the day after I lost him that his name should be Thomas.  His middle name is Shaw, a family name after my beloved grandfather who is in heaven. 

Thomas’ angel

I wrote this for Thomas a few months back.

Dear One
I never got to feel you kick,
or watch my belly grow.
Instead I often wonder
why it is you had to go.

I never got to see your smile,
hear you laugh or hear you cry.
Instead I search for answers
but there is no reason why.

I never got to hold you close,
and rock you into sleep.
Instead I hold you in my heart
until next time we meet.

So many dreams that I have lost
since you’re not here with me.
For now you are my angel
and a soft, sweet memory.

But I didn’t miss it all,
precious baby, that is true.
For I’ll always be your mommy
and forever, I’ll love you.




  1. Thomas’s Angel is beautiful and i know he loves it too.

    your poem is so touching also

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