Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 17, 2008

Doctor Visit

I saw my OB on Tuesday.  Well of course she’s pregnant!  It’s so ridiculous that it’s comical.  And despite my friend L’s email response of “OMG!  That sucks!  Did you sock her and tell her she’s fired?!”, which yes, did make me laugh, I was happy with the visit.

The first thing she did was come right over to me, place her hand on my arm and say she’s been thinking of me and hoping that I would call with good news. 

She seemed…mildly concerned that I haven’t conceived again.  She did say she would prescribe me a low dose of Clomid or Femara if I would like, in hopes that it would speed things up.   I don’t think Deer is quite ready to take that step though.

She didn’t feel testing was necessary but since I would like it done, she said she’d do a bunch of CD3 testing if I don’t get pregnant this cycle.  I don’t remember what all tests, but apparently it will see if anything is wrong and make 100% sure I’m ovulating.  I do feel like I’m ovulating from the charting that I have been doing.

She asked about stress and I told her there was some.  She said she understood that I am so ready to be a mom.  Awww.  But she said don’t worry too much, have fun with it, I’m still young, all that jazz.

So my new plan is:  next cycle do the testing.  After test results come back, have another visit with my doctor.  Ask her any questions I forgot to ask last time and any new ones (I forgot things at this one because she was doing my annual while I was talking to her…not conducive to me remembering everything), also I will tell her that I really want to do a semen analysis on Deer before we consider moving onto any drugs.  He’s willing to do it and I’d rather make sure there is nothing wrong with his sperm that’s preventing conception.  It’s probably unlikely but you never know.

I’m dealing with news of SIL’s pregnancy.  There’s been much talk of whether she will keep the baby or place it for adoption, but we haven’t talked to her again.  I have a lot I’m still mulling about in regards to all of that, but that will have to be for another day.

Tomorrow is/was my angel’s due date.  This really has been a craptacular month in many ways. 


“In the end, it will all be okay.  If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

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