Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 14, 2008

On the plus side, I made $0.14

On a lighter note, let me talk a bit about my ebay experiences.

So for a while now, I’ve been receiving coupons for infant fomula.  And even cans of formula.  And little tiny diapers.  And coupons for diapers.  And baby magazines.  Some of it (diapers) gets stashed away in a closet with baby things for future use.  Some of it (baby magazines) went to an online-turned-real-life friend who was on bedrest.  Some of it (formula) will probably go to aforementioned friend or to freecycle. 

But the coupons, ah, why not turn lemons into lemonade?  So I hit ebay and sold those formula “checks” for fairly nice money.  I’ve probably made about $30.  It is sitting there in my paypal account and the supremely ironic part of it is, I thought about using the money to buy a book called The Infertility Cure. 

But I didn’t because I can just keep checking out and renewing the book from the library.  I will let that ebay money sit there and I will get pregnant and buy some cute cloth diapers, damn it.

So anyway, I thought I’d sell some of the diaper and baby food coupons too, while I’m at it.  They wouldn’t bring in as much money, but hey, ebay and paypal wouldn’t charge as much for such low valued items, right?  Right?

Exibit A:  Several diaper coupons.  The auction ended and I received $1.09 to my Paypal account.  But Paypal charged me $0.33.  Ebay charged me $0.21.  And the stamp costs $0.41. 

And that is how I made $0.14 on ebay.




  1. Don’t you just hate that? After they’ve all taken their share, it’s amazing how little you end up with!

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