Posted by: expectingamiracle | March 28, 2008

Game Plan

I have a new plan.

I will go next month and have my pap smear (which needs to be done anyway) and at that time, talk to my OB-GYN.  Tell her I’m worried, and see what she thinks.  It’s likely she may tell me she wants us to try longer until testing is merited, but at least I will have gotten the ball rolling.  And of course I hope I’ll get pregnant this month (our timing was excellent!) and won’t even need to go.  But it feels good to have a plan.  It’s win-win.  Either she says “yes let’s do some testing”  (yay) or she says “well, I’m not concerned, maybe it’s just taking a bit longer for no apparent reason”  (yay).

Part B of my plan basically consists of:  get my shit together.  Everything I can’t do when I have a baby or won’t have time to do when I have a baby.  Deer and I have already been working on the yard (and the front looks GOOD) and this week I’ve started cleaning and getting rid of junk.  Maybe it’s related to spring, but I have this need to purge myself of all this stuff that we do not use.  So I’ll keep doing that, I want to organize everything and make our house look spiffy.  Challenge:  forcing Deer to sort through the piles of electronics.  Among other things, I think we have about 6 non functional or semi functional computers.  Yeeeeah.



  1. You know what, it’s probably all fine and dandy, but if getting tested will set your mind at ease, Make Your Doctor Do The Tests. I am of the mind that anything that can ease your mind is worthwhile.

    It is also a great idea to get some of the things you’ve been putting off done. If for no other reason than to GET THEM DONE! :o) Happy Spring to you. I hope it gets here soon. We had snow 2 days ago. Ugh.


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