Posted by: expectingamiracle | November 30, 2007

Step away from the HPT…

One cycle down, now onto cycle 2.  The negative pregnancy tests from the last one sent me into a whirlwind of self pity for a few days, abetted by the progesterone I was taking.  Yes, progesterone apparently makes me tired and crazy moody.  Woo!  I’m better now (for now) after some soul searching and realizing that I have no control over this and need to stop pretending that I do.  It will happen when God wants it to happen.  And I need to chill out a little.

 That said, I refuse to test this time until after my birthday (Dec 10) because there’s no sense in depressing myself.  It’s already sad enough that I’ll be 27 with no baby in my near future yet (whoops, there goes the self pity again). 

In happier news, my parents, my grandma, my little brother and his fiance are staying at our house for Christmas.   Among the blessings that I need to be counting are that I have a house and it is so, so, so, so much better than apartment living.

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