Posted by: expectingamiracle | September 20, 2007


Yesterday I miscarried naturally.  At least I don’t have to have the D&C on Friday.  I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down for joy at the prospect of having surgery. 

And now.  Now I feel empty and hollow.


  1. Oh no!! I am so very very sorry. It hurts so bad to lose a baby.

    My love and prayers for you as you miss your baby.

  2. Delurking to tell you how very sorry I am. I also want to tell you that there is still hope for you to have babies. I too lost my little angel in the 1st trimester and felt very hollow and empty. Isn’t it amazing how much your children fill inside of you before they are bigger than a quarter?
    No amount of people telling you that its very common for 1st children or all of the people coming out of the woodwork to tell you of their own losses will help. You’ll need to come to grips all on your own.
    It took me 2 more years to finally become pregnant again and I was terrified the WHOLE TIME. I now have 3 beautiful children, but have been a wreck for each of the pregnancies.

    God Bless You, dear child. My heart is breaking for you. Your little one and mine and so many others are guarding and guiding you right this very moment.

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